R. B. Wing

I live and work in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have been building furniture for 15 years using hand and power tools. For most of that time my day job has been construction management, so time in the shop provides a mental and emotional counterpoint to that vocation. In the shop, I'm challenged, and absorbed for hours in the design and execution of projects, pushing the limits of my skill and imagination. My process is always an evolving response to the material at hand. I work in North American hardwoods and each chair combines contrasting wood types. Eyes and hands behold and respond. Choices evolve and the result is always a unique creation.   

There are few straight lines in the chairs   Each chair is a sculpted invitation to comfort. 

The child's rockers are my own design, the Adult rockers are modifications of Sam Maloof's graceful, organic creations.

I have also been influenced by William Kappel, Hal Taylor, Paul Limisky and Charles Brock.

I do make other types of furniture and I will accept furniture commissions.

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